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23 Apr '16

From Raje

Posted by Raje Duchek in Gel Nails, Live Pure Spa

Please allow me to introduce myself

My name is Raje Duchek

I grew up watching many of my family members become entrepreneurs through their own creativity. Artistic talents run in my family; from sewing, drawing, painting and esthetics you could say that imagination pumps through my veins.

I recently completed my Gel Nail Certificate and I'm looking forward to applying my artistic talents to the services im offering. I enjoy doing nails because it's almost as if I'm building 10 tiny canvas to paint for my client. I love challenges, I hope to gain clients who come to me with trending ideas that I can fulfill with a touch of my own creativity. I wish to expand my free hand painting skills and different techniques over time.

I am trying to gain experience and build my clientele. I'm offering new clients who book with me a discount on full sets and fills until the end of September. If you book with me before the end September the first full set will be $60 + tax instead of $75 and fills will be $40 + tax instead of $50. 

Come in and have your nails done with me at Live Pure Products & Spa! I look forward to meeting you soon!

22 Mar '16

Children's Manicures & Pedicures

Children's Manicures & Pedicures

Giving kids spa services is so much fun for us because they love it so much!  They get to do something that is viewed as an adult luxury.  Kids, both boys and girls get so excited when they get to come in and get a spa treatment.

We love providing services for kids because it reminds us of the excitement of being a kid, how something simple can make you so happy.  Seeing happiness in its true form is what we get to enjoy when kids come into the spa.

In honour of our clients 14 & under our Easter special this year is a Child’s Manicure & Pedicure combination for $50.00 (plus GST).

Remember you can book your little diva or gentleman online @ www.schedulicity.com or call us @ 306-606-9011 or you can visit www.livepureproducts.com and purchase a gift certificate that is printable if you are unable to stop in and pick one up!