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08 Mar '16


Posted by Lori Peterson in Live Pure Story


Please allow me to introduce myself.

My Name is Lori Peterson. 

I have over 16 years experience in the beauty industry, I am a Certified Esthetician and Nail Technician and have been practicing for 14 years. I started manufacturing skin care, bath and beauty products 8 years ago. I have successfully completed my Aromatherapy 101 Introduction to Aromatherapy and am currently studying to get my Clinical Aromatherapy Certification.

For the majority of my career I have been self employed.  I currently own and operate a full service spa, skin care manufacturing company and retail space called Live Pure Products & Spa, I employ 2 certified Estheticians who are also certified Nail Technicians besides myself and 1 Salon Coordinator who is currently taking her Nail Technician certification course too.

Through this blog I would like to open up some insight to my roots, why I am passionate about what I do and the story behind the products I create.  I want my clients and customers to get to know me on a more intimate level and learn about my story and the history of Live Pure.

Please enjoy reading my blog and feel free to comment on any of my blog posts.   I hope you find great value in the information I share with you as Live Pure Products & Spa is my passion and joy in life and I am so excited to share that passion with you.

09 Feb '16


Posted by Lori Peterson
Welcome to Live Pure Products & Spa! Thank you for taking the time to visit our new site/ online store.  Please bear with us while we are completing the finishing touches, adding more photos and products, we are working as quickly as possible to bring you the best online shopping experience we can.  Please visit often!