Live Pure Energy Sessions

Guided Group Meditation online or in person 1 hour $15
The meditation sessions are Friday mornings @ 11:00 am CST available online through Facebook or Zoom
Sacred Community Gathering in person or online $15/ session or $55/month
Monday evenings from 7-9 CST 
Available online through Zoom
Energetic Alchemy-  30 mins - $25
Is a great quick process that helps to shift mind sets, emotions, triggers and blockages that no longer serve our highest good.
Available in person and distantly.
Empowerment Session 90 mins $100
An incredible journey of combined modalities to bring you deep relaxation, intuitive guidance, and to help you achieve balance and harmony in your physical, emotional and energetic body.
1 hour Energy Session -$75
Distance or in person
Sacred space held to assist you with anything you may be processing or going through. 
Intuitive Scrying & Writing $75/ hour
Includes stone or stones and intuitive writing.  Makes and excellent gift or keepsake!
Divine Feminine Connection Gathering, Chakra workshop, Intuitive Development groups are available as requested and can be hosted in the Live Pure wellness center or in your home.
For more information please email:



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